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Today we had to renew our passports so the 4 of us (Jojo, Finn, my mom and I) took the bus to NY. We were at the consulate before 9am and we had everything ready ... photos which we printed free from EPassportPhoto, application form, old passports and copies of required documents. We got a number and waited maybe 5 minutes before being called. We handed our stuff and then we were told that the pictures we submitted were no longer valid. The guy told us that the background should now be royal blue and not white (-_-) He still took our papers and told us to have our photo taken somewhere, and come back before paying for the renewal.
So we had to go out, wait a long time for our photo to be taken since there were a lot of people, spend $10 each for that, and go back to the consulate. But when we got back, we just had to give the guy our photo and then we paid for the renewal, then go to the basement for fingerprinting. Down in the basement, there were 2 people doing the fingerprinting. Turns out, the girl was my senior at Siena College (^_^)
So after that was done, Jojo had to go to work and I had to accompany my mom to the Canadian consulate for her visa application. We got there at around 10.30 and they were already closed for applications. We'll just have to go back another day for that.
We walked back to the Rockefeller Plaza and went to Nintendo World where Finn and I got all excited! There were a lot of Wii booths for both Wii Fit and regular games, and a lot of DS stations too. Finn (and I) played a lot and he also bought a Bowser plushie. My mom bought him a Mario poster for his room. Then it was time for lunch. We just had pizza across the street, coz we wanted to go back after eating (^_^) And we did. We stayed there until 2pm, then walked back to Bryant Park to rest. At 3pm we walked to 42nd to have ice cream at Cold Stone, then walked to Port Authority to wait for Jojo so we can all go home together.
A week after next, we're going back to the Canadian consulate. For sure we're going back to Nintendo World afterwards (^_^)


Aggie said...

Ang sayaaaaaa!!!

Puwede bang i-annex yan sa mga bahay natin????

jellybelly said...

coldstone! sarap!

Bambi said...

@aggie lol ... kung pwede lang (^_^)

@mawie i know! i got cake batter with crunch .... yummy yum

reelpersona@blogspot said...

when next week will you be back? lets have lunch or something! I'm usually just around the times sq area :)

Bambi said...

@reelpersona not next week but the week after, most probably aug. 4. will be at 49th and 6th early am then to Nintendo World since it's close by. wanna hang out at NW? hehehe ... i'll call you, or you call me (^_^) hope to see you then!

reelpersona@blogspot said...

of course!! Let's coordinate the time like the day before you head out there. I'll bring my DS. :))

Bambi said...

lol ... i'll call you (^_^) yay!

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