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Happy 12th Anniversary!

We celebrated on Sunday coz we usually go to NYC and we can't exactly do that today. So we spent Sunday in the city, first to Applebee's coz Finn wanted to eat lunch there. Then we walked to Kinokuniya to have tea and browse the books. We walked back to Times Square and went in Toys R Us, then we headed to Swatch. Our dinner reservation at Megu was for 5:30 and we had to take the subway. We got there at 5 and they weren't open yet =P About 5:15 they opened the doors but the dining area wasn't set up yet so we waited in the lounge. At 5:30 we were seated at our table. Finn ordered that sirloin kagero steak, where you cook the steak over a Mt. Fuji lava rock. Later on he ordered an otoro maki (expensive taste no?) Jojo and I had their Omakase 7 course meal plus sake pairing for me. The whole thing was sooooo good! The most expensive anniversary dinner we've had so far but it was an experience :) I wonder if we'll be able to go back here?


New Cut

Gave myself bangs this morning! I've been wanting something different for my hair so I got the scissors and started chopping :)



Happy New Year! Akemashite Omedetougozaimasu! Manigong Bagong Taon! Guckliches Neues Yahr!

Our feast tonight: crispy pata, ham, pancit, fish/shrimp/cuttlefish balls, hotdogs, mango cake and brazo de mercedes (^_^)

May the year 2013 bring you much joy, great health and prosperity!


NYC Holiday Trip Day 1

First stop was Kinokuniya Bookstore, but it was still closed when we got there. So we crossed the street to Bryant Park and saw that CitiPond Skating rink was open even if it was drizzling so we went skating! That was supposed to be for tomorrow but anyway ... after skating we bought 2 ridiculously spicy pickles and boy was it really spicy! Jojo and I weren't able to finish it. Then we went to have cake and tea at Cafe Zaiya inside Kinokuniya (yum). Then we walked to Nintendo World to try the WiiU. Finn wants it for his birthday but we'll see (~_^) We also bought a reversible beanie for Finn and 2 socks for me.
Next is our late lunch at Del Frisco's!!! What a treat! Finn and I had the Businessman Special (salad, 6oz filet mignon, mashed potato, dessert) and Jojo had the trio of filet (3 4oz filet with different toppings). Finn actually took about 2oz from my filet coz he didn't eat his potatoes =P
After that wonderful lunch we walked to Image Anime to look for a messenger bag for Jojo. We ended up buying his Naruto bag, my Sailor Moon bag and wrist band, and Finn's creeper head and Minecraft sword (^_^)
We planned on staying in the city til after dinner but we were carrying too much stuff already so we headed home. We'll do more stuff tomorrow =)


Heavy heart ...



We decided to just maintain one fish tank. Today we moved the residents in our 29G tank to the 46G tank, plus Bruce the red-tailed shark from the 5G tank. This will make it easier for us, plus it's gonna free up the space in the dining area once we get the medium tank out.

Also, we have new family members! Meet Scarlet (brown with red eyes) and Midnight (black with white streak). They're a few months old and we got them last Friday, Nov. 23, so that's gonna be their birthday (^_^) We bought more stuff for their cage today too. Cuties right?


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