What a day!

Today was our biometrics appointment at 11am. Good news right? But since last night, it has been raining. Not too hard but I guess it just kept pouring until this morning and there were quite a few flooded areas, including Hackensack where we were supposed to go. On the way we had to take detours coz of flooded areas and so when we were finally near the office, there was another flooded area. We don't know what route to take coz we're not familiar with the place and it was almost time for our appointment and we don't dare miss it! So we decided to just go ahead and brave the waters. If it was just a short stretch we wouldn't have had any problems but it was deep and long and about half-way through, the car stops (0_o) OMG, we have to get to our appointment! The car wouldn't start. We called the insurance and while Jojo was on the phone, a tow truck passed by and asked if we wanted him to push us out. Lucky! So he pushed us until we found the street that we were supposed to take and found a parking spot. He gave us his card and we'll just let our insurance take care of it. We walked to the office and we got there 5 minutes before our appointment. Whew! So we had our fingerprints taken and then after all that, we walked back to the car hoping it would start. No luck. We called the guy who towed us earlier and had him take us to the Meineke near our house. He said they had a service shop near us too and wouldn't you know, it was just a block away. So we went there and they told us that if we had full coverage, it was better to just claim for total instead of repairing it coz we'll probably just have other problems in the future with the wiring and other stuff since it got flooded. Oh dear ... I don't know what we're gonna do yet. If we have to claim for total, we have to buy a new car (-_-)

*Sigh* On a happier note, Finn got his high red belt yesterday! 3 more belts to go before black.

And here's Finn with his girlfriend Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls (^_^) Ok ok, don't raise your eyebrow, I know what you're thinking: "why would she give a girl's plushie to a boy?" He has been asking for one since he decided that Blossom will be his girlfriend. He says she's pretty and he wishes that Blossom was real. So we looked for it in the stores but we didn't find any until we searched the web. She got here Wednesday and he's been carrying her around all the time. As you can see in the picture, he even sleeps with her. He also asks to look at Blossom pictures on the internet (^_^) So cute!


MommyBa said...

Nakakatuwa naman si Finn, me gf na :) Growing up fast na talaga sila ano?

bernalesfamily said...

oo nga e, at least gf palang at d pa nagiisip na magpakasal =P

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