Our week

I'm gonna start off with Saturday. I have rehearsals every Saturday and last week, Jojo and Finn went with me. Instead of taking the bus, we took the train. We left after lunch so we had enough time to walk around the area for a bit. We went to the NY Public Library although we didn't go in anymore and we stopped by Circuit City. After that we went to the studio for rehearsals. Jojo and Finn went back to Circuit City coz they got bored just sitting there (^_^) They just came back for me before rehearsals ended at 8pm.

Monday was President's Day which was a holiday for most, including Jojo and Finn has no school this week coz it's their mid-winter recess. So we had lunch at Applebee's and then went to Marshall's to look for a bag for me and a gift for someone.

Tomorrow I have to attend a domestic violence workshop sponsored by CONNECT and in cooperation with FAHSI. The Filipina Women's Network's campaign "Filipinas Against Violence" is also about encouraging all of us to become trained domestic violence advocates and peer counselors to end violence against Filipina women and girls. That workshop is from 1-4pm and then we might still have rehearsals after. Since the venue is in Jamaica, NY, I have to leave before 11am coz it takes a little over 2 hours to get there by train.

Oh and tonight Finn is going to take his belt test and if he passes, he's gonna have a high red belt (^_^) I'll post some pics if not on Sunday, then Monday.


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