Our car has been in the shop since Friday afternoon so we rented a car for the weekend from Enterprise. Jojo asked for an economy car but they sent a minivan instead for the same price (^_^) Finn liked it very much coz it was so roomy that he has a lot of space to play in. I returned it this morning and they drove me back to the house since we still don't have our car. That's what's nice about Enterprise, they can pick you up and drive you back if you need it, all part of their service.

As for our car, the insurance said that someone will come check it in 3-5 days (0_o) Good thing we don't really need it yet, until Thursday that is. Not sure what we're gonna do. *sigh*


MommyBa said...

That's a really cool vehicle! I just hope your car gets fixed real soon. It's really a bummer if you have to use it and it's not available.

By the way, I hope Finn gets his next belt soon :)


cess said...

wooooow! ang ganda ng minivan! hope your car gets fixed soon.

and congrats to finn ! ang galeng ha?

bernalesfamily said...

thanks! i hope so too (^_^)

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