Finn went home with a pumpkin today. Every student in his school got to choose one (^_^) Not sure what to do with it yet. I'll have to buy carving tools if we're gonna carve it ... or just leave it as it is. I guess Finn can always paint it instead, less mess. If we do decorate it, I'll take a photo and post it here.

Today is also World Series Day in school. Kids were asked to wear their favorite team. Finn doesn't have a shirt or baseball jersey but he does have a Mets Jacket so that's what I put on him. Anyway, not everyone was wearing their team so that's ok. Most of what I saw were Yankees fans ... too bad the Yankees didn't make it.

Friday is Finn's belt promotion test so expect pictures next week. If he passes, he'll be a high blue belter (^_^)


cess said...

take before and after pics of the pumpkin.

i suggest you carve the pumpkin :) and take a pic of what's inside - kasi i havent seen a pumpkin, and what's inside it :) hehe, nang-utos ba!

bernalesfamily said...

hehehe ... opo ma'am ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on Finn's belt promotion test! I'm sure he'll ace it again! :)

It would be nice to see the pictures. Post 'em soon!


bernalesfamily said...

sure i will (^_^) i'll wait for the results then post it together with the test pics.

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