School Pic

Here is Finn's school picture, taken Oct. 11, 2006. Yeah I know, it's one of those forced smile pics but that's ok. He looks like a really big boy now doesn't he? The class photo wasn't distributed yet. They're waiting for the make-up photography session to be over and then they'll distribute the class photo. They didn't do a traditional group picture, instead they're going to put their individual portraits on one sheet with their class info. Kinda like a page from an annual. That way, even if a student was absent during the scheduled photography session, that student's picture will still be in the class photo. I think this is a good option especially for younger kids since I'm sure not everybody will be looking at the camera, or some are making silly faces or whatever. This way, everybody will look their best (^_^)


cess said...

oh my gosh, ang gwapo-gwapo naman ng finn!!! no, hindi mukhang forced ang ngiti- he looks so charming in that photo. pero mukha nga siyang big boy, huhuhu!

bernalesfamily said...

salamat (^_^) oo nga e, sandali nalang may binata na ako (T_T)

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