Back to School Night

Last night was Back to School Night at Finn's school. It was a way for parents to meet the teachers and see what their kids do at school. First the parents sat at the gym and listened to the PTO president and principal and superintendent make their speeches, updating us on what's new in school and all that. Then we went to our kids' classrooms where the teacher is waiting for us. Finn's teacher, Mrs. Johnson, took us through our kids' day from the moment they enter the classroom until it's time to go home. She prepared a folder with our child's name in front with some handouts concerning the things our kids do. It was placed on the table where our child sat so I now know where he sits and who sits with him at the table. Each table is colored and Finn sits on the blue table.

I'm gonna take you through Finn's day at school. First, everyone goes to their seat, opens their bag and take out their folder (every kid has a folder and that's where you place your note to the teacher if you have any, and the teacher places school notices and her newsletter and projects they've done in there too). They place the folder in a tray and then the teacher will call out a table so that they can go to the "closet" to place their bags in the shelves and hang their jackets. They are color coded too so they know where they should leave their things. Next they go to circle time, recite the pledge of allegiance, do the calendar and weather report. Then it's story time. After story time, they go to centers. Here, they are divided into groups. A small group will do a certain activity and the rest have playtime or another kind of activity. Then it's snack time and bathroom. They also have activities that focuses on the letter of the week. Last week was A so everyone was asked to bring an apple and they did apple prints. This week they're on B and they are asked to bring in a stuffed bear on Thursday and they're gonna talk about that.

Everyday they also discuss the class rules, the most difficult is keeping hands and feet and objects to yourself. Meaning, no touching whatsoever! Coz once they touch each other, pretty soon they'll be grabbing toys from one another and they get in a fight. When that happens, the teacher takes the kid out of that situation and puts him in a sort of corner for a little while. The kids also do the cleanup by themselves. They have to put everything back in its own container and in it's own place on the shelves. I just wish he'd do the same here at home (-_-)

So that was back to school night. This coming weekend is a long weekend coz the teachers have a seminar on Friday so no school. Then Monday is Columbus day so that's a holiday too. Jojo was able to take Friday off so even he is on a 4-day weekend (^_^) Wednesday next week is when the kids will have their school picture taken. I'm thinking of what he's gonna wear already. When I get the portraits, I'll make sure to post it here.

Ok, I guess this is enough for now. Till next!


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