Fall Drive

Today we drove to Pennsylvania to see some fall foliage. Sadly, most of the trees were past peak already so it wasn't as colorful as we would have wanted. It was also a very windy day, with up to 50mph winds! So the windchill really had us shivering. A lot of trees lost their leaves already too. But nonetheless, it was a good day trip.

We went to Tyler State Park coz they had a covered bridge inside the park, at the very far end. I wanted to have a driving tour of all the covered bridges in Bucks County, PA but it would take the whole day and we were with friends and they might not want to drive the whole day. So Tyler State Park was a good choice since the park is huge and they had a great kids area. We went down to see Schofield Ford Covered Bridge first. The road leading to the trail is a dirt road and most of the visitors who come here go for the hiking or horseback trail (you have to bring your own horse though). The trail to the covered bridge goes down and to the left. This is the first time I've ever seen a covered bridge so I was looking forward to this. The Schofield Ford Bridge was built in 1874 and is the longest covered bridge in Bucks County. You'll be able to read more on it's history in one of the photos that I took (see album on the right).

After taking some photos, we headed back up to the car and drove back to the main park. We walked around first and the trail here had more colorful trees so pictures were taken of course. Then for lunch we went to the Maze Picnic Area. But guess what, we ate inside our cars coz the winds are just too much! We wouldn't have enjoyed our meal with the wind blowing on us and we're out there freezing. After lunch the 3 of us went to the fun barn near the picnic tables. It's a kid sized bard with a slide and a fireman's pole. Beside it was a maze for kids, hence the name Maze Picnic Area. Nearby is a sand box. Across the field was a playground with another parking lot but we just walked ... rather, we ran (^_^) We just had a little race. Finn went to play for a while then we walked back to the car. After resting a bit, we decided to head back.

It was a nice, liesurely trip, even if the winds did keep us from staying out too long. We'll just keep this place in mind for future trips, preferably with more friends along and better weather conditions too.


cess said...

hindi naman masyadong mukhang cooperative ang weather in your pics :)

bernalesfamily said...

i guess, pero super hangin, when we were driving bigla nalang parang tinutulak yung car namin sa side.

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