Presidential Coins

I'm not a hardcore numismatist but I have some that I inherited from my mom and grandfather, plus our state quarters collection. Then I found this special offer in Newsweek magazine (Aug. 13 issue) about the Presidential dollar coins that they're giving away for FREE! Well, you get the first year (4 coins) free if you get the Presidential Money Gallery - the album - which is $8 plus shipping so a total of less than $13.
The coins are special because they are carved with edge lettering and since they are uncirculated, they come in crystal clear display capsules. The album itself is hand made with the great seal in the center.
The other 36 uncirculated coins is worth $162 (-,-) I wonder if Jojo is willing to buy it for me? Hmmm ...

UPDATE: I got my answer ..... sigh (-_-) Oh well.


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