Canadian Weekend

We spent Labor Day weekend in Canada visiting my sister. Drove 9 hours from NJ to get to Scarborough on Friday and got there a little after 9pm. The next afternoon was spent in Canada's Wonderland and we all had a great time! We were only able to ride Dragon Fire and Vortex plus Speed City Raceway, White Water Canyon and Spongebob Squarepants 3D. We didn't want to wait long in lines and had to catch the bus home too so there wasn't really enough time to ride everything.
Sunday, we went to Pacific Mall and we got all excited coz there were a lot of anime shops, cosplay stores and swords!!!!! We got ourselves a set of 3 small swords with a stand. When we have our own house, we'll be able to collect lots more. I also wanted to buy a priestess/miko outfit but it was $160 (-_-) So I just got myself an Ichigo keychain and Akatsuki wallet. Finn bought a keyblade. After eating lunch at the mall, we went around downtown Toronto, then headed back home.
Monday was our last day and we left after 11am. This time it took us 11 hours!!!!! Man were we tired. Got home past 10pm and I still had to pack Jojo's bag for his trip to Princeton this morning. Right now I'm still kinda sleepy but I have to prepare for Finn's first day of school tomorrow too.
Anyway, enjoy the photos here (^_^)


MommyBa said...

Cool photos!! You really had a grand time!!!

Thanks for sharing!

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