Our first trip out of town during our vacation was to Bohol with our college friends Rona and Menands. Our flight was at 8am on July 4 but we had to be at the airport 2 hours before. Travel time was only an hour and when we landed, we were picked up by the hotel shuttle. We stayed in Flushing Meadows Family Resort and Playground in Panglao Island. After checking in, we hung out at the beach before having lunch. There was only one restaurant in the resort and there aren't any nearby restaurants in the area. If you wanted to go out of the resort and rent one of the shuttles, it will set you back P400 one way. So we just ate our meals in the restaurant. It wasn't bad but of course it costs a bit more.

The next day we went on a tour. The tour van picked us up at 8.45am. Luckily, it was only the 5 of us in the van plus of course Cathy the tour guide and Bob our driver from Baclayon Travel and Tours. Our first stop was to see the Tarsiers. They are sooooo cute!!!!! I want to squish them (^_^) But of course they rather not have you touching them. Finn had fun feeding them crickets. Also in that area are flying lemurs and fruit bats.

After that we went through the mahogany man-made forest. Surprisingly, this was protected first before the chocolate hills. The Chocolate Hills was next in our itinerary. You have to walk up 214 steps to get to the viewing deck but there's also a ramp that you can take. It was beautiful up there. Such wonders you just have to see for yourself.

Lunch was another treat since it was a buffet. We were on a floating restaurant that cruised the Loboc River. There was also entertainment on board and at the end of the river, there was another group that performed for us.

After lunch we went to the Blood Compact Commemorative Shrine. Mind you however that this is not the actual site where they made the pact. Next was the Baclayon Church and Museum (you have to say Baclayon fast, otherwise it will mean something else.. hehehe). This building was completed in 1727, imagine that. After going to the museum beside the church, we went to the shop next to the Governor's Mansion. With shopping done, we were back in the hotel before 4pm.

During dinner, something happened that made my blood boil. Before our food arrived, Finn was entertaining us with a name that tune game. He was "drumming" the tune using a spoon and fork. He always plays voltes v, with little variations like tapping the table or glass. The restaurant was an open place with lots of tables. It has 2 levels, the big area where we were and there was a lower level around it. After a while of the name that tune game, the lady sitting on a table on the lower level called to us and told us to make Finn stop. I just told Finn to not play so loud although it wasn't. So Finn continued. After a while a waiter approached us and told us that the other table is asking for Finn to stop. "Why?" I asked. So my nasty side thought it funny to be louder so everytime we laughed, we made sure we LAUGHED. After some time a "guy" approached our table. We call him "baclayon" (this time, say it slow coz that's what he is). He asked again to make Finn stop playing so I asked him "why? what's the matter?" at the same time crossing my arms. He said he's too loud and they want peace and quiet and so we argue a bit until he said to us "Please control your child" WHAT?!?!?! It would have been fine if Finn was running around the place and bothering their table but no, he was just sitting there, not even talking coz he was busy playing the voltes v tune. And it wasn't loud, and it was an open place, and we weren't sitting side by side and there was no sign saying to be quiet and this was a family resort and PLAYGROUND ... So I told him "if you want peace and quiet, go back to your room!" Then Jojo said that he must not have gone through childhood. Know what happened? He left. If he wanted peace and quiet, he and his bf should have gone to an adults only resort. After he left, one waiter told us that that guy is always complaining about something. I guess that's his pasttime then. After that, we never had the "pleasure" of eating with him in the restaurant again.

The following day was our last day. It was raining in the morning so we just stayed in the restaurant after breakfast, just talking. We finished packing then had lunch and left for the airport at 2pm. Flight was at 4.45 and we were in Manila an hour after.


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