The 3 of us along with my mom went to Tarlac to visit my dad. We left before 9am of Sunday, July 22 and were in Luisita for lunch. Dad met us there at Max's, then went with us to the hotel. We checked-in and Finn went swimming in the pool. For dinner we bought a bilao (traditionally a rice-winnowing tray - flat basket of woven bamboo) of pancit palabok to share with the family dad's living with.

The next day we went to Gerona, Tarlac to have lunch in Isdaan. Very nice place with good food, unfortunately, they don't accept plastic so you need to have cash. Kids 12 (I think) and below are required to wear life vests because the whole place is surrounded by water with most dining areas floating on rafts. There are also different kinds of bikes in certain stations where the kids can ride them for free. You can also feed the fish there. Plus other activities like the Tacsiyapo wall where you get to throw, for a fee, dishes and other household items - even a tv, at a wall. There's also the Sankilo bridge where you try to walk on a narrow bridge with obstacles while carrying a pail of water. You win a kilo of fish cooked however you like if you're successful. The other one is the spitting and peeing monkeys. Not sure how this works but I think you have to stand on a spot in front of a monkey (they're huge statues of monkeys and there are several of them) and I guess the goal is not to get hit by the water. If you survive them all, you get a kilo of fish as well. You can also make a wish at the Wishing Buddha. A cool place to visit and it's not that far from Manila. For dinner that night, we grilled stuffed squid which I prepared, and dad's liempo (pork belly with a bit of the ribs).

The next day was our last in Tarlac. Finn enjoyed very much dad's videogame, arcade style. He charges P1.00 for 3 mins of play so we had to keep exchanging for coins (^_^) He loved playing the Super Mario game and Pacman. We just stayed at dad's place and had lunch there before we left. The one thing that was really annoying in Tarlac .... was the heat! It was soooo much hotter than Manila. The kind that feels like it's burning you. I wonder why ...


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