Protecting Mosquitos?

We were in Tiendesitas one time and we found this in one of the stalls. In the Philippines, we call this katol, an insect repelling incense. I guess most people use citronella candles now but if you still buy katol, I think you should stay away from this brand from Thailand coz instead of driving mosquitos away, it protects them ... bwahahahaha!!!


MommyBa said...

LOL!!!!! I'm sure you had a great time laughing at that one.

But I guess the product is good so keri na yang protecting the mosquitoes thingy. Hihihihi!

Great shot, as always!

bernalesfamily said...

sinabi mo, ang lakas pa ng tawa namin (^_^)

Kitten Girl said...

I saw this too!! Was confounded for a bit while looking at the label!

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