New Clock!

I've finished making Finn's new clock! It's different coz I designed the face myself so you're not gonna see this in the stores. But I wasn't able to make it funky as I envisioned it coz I bought a clock kit instead of buying the separate components. I think I did good for my first try at clock making (^_^) Next time I'll do something funky!

So here's what I did. The kit came with the wood base, the clock mechanism and some templates but I didn't use them. I painted the sides yellow and let it dry. I started to look for a Spongebob image that would allow my salvaged hands to look like they were his actual hands. I found this twisted Spongebob from the movie poster Big Twists and just erased his arms. I made the background myself, imitating the flowery sky of Bikini Bottom, and placed Spongebob in the middle. Using the Spongebob font, I placed the hours inside and the minutes outside to help Finn tell time quicker.

Once that was printed, I brushed Mod Podge on the base and carefully smoothed the print on it. I also Mod Podged the Spongebob stickers on the side, just to give it some added interest. When they were all dry, I placed the clock mechanism with the salvaged hands and voila! A new clock (^_^)


jojo said...

good job mommy :)

lady cess said...

you never fail to amaze me. hanep ka talaga.

sasha said...

Ang ganda naman ng clock na yan! :)

Happy weekend!

jho said...

galing naman! kakabilib talaga!

Karen said...

galing-galing! another business in the making ;)

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