Happy Father's Day!

To all father's out there (^_^) We celebrated by eating out but I wanted to go somewhere we haven't tried yet so I searched the net and found Spain Restaurant which was on our way home from church. The reviews from patrons were all 5 stars so that's where I wanted to go ... plus we haven't had Spanish fare in a long time. The restaurant was a bit inconspicuous but it was really nice inside. Service was fast and friendly too. We ordered clams in a half shell for appetizer and Jojo and I shared the onion soup. When you think Spanish, you think paella so that's what we had. We weren't able to eat even half of it ... that's how much there was but it was good! Lots and lots of shellfish plus chicken and chorizo (yum yum). We had the rest bagged so I'll be eating that for the whole week probably (^_^).

After lunch we stopped by Blockbuster to look for Master Kim's (Finn's TKD Master) movie - Secret War. This was filmed in 2003 but was only recently released in rental stores. I think the other title of this is Ultimate Master. Unfortunately, the Blockbuster near us didn't carry it. Master Kim said that all Hollywood Video stores had it but only some Blockbuster's did. We're not members of Hollywood Video and the nearest isn't that far away but I'd rather not go there. Netflix carries it too but we don't subscribe to that either. I guess I'll just have to look at another Blockbuster somewhere. Anyway, Jojo rented Ghost Rider so we watched that when we got home. After the movie, we went to the park. We got home at 7pm already so after a quick shower for Finn, we ate and now I'm writing this (^_^)

Tomorrow, Jojo's going to Florida again. This is also Finn's last week in school then it's summer vacation (^_^) I have to finish packing our stuff too and preparing whatever needs to be left with our friends (like our fish and maybe payments for stuff) by the end of the week. Yay!!!!! We're all soooooo excited about our vacation. To all our friends and family ... see you soon (^_^)


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