Central Park

We spent the whole afternoon in Central Park today for Baby Kate's first birthday party (^_^) We took the bus, then the subway. There are actually 3 parts to her birthday. The first started at 2pm at the Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink in Central Park. It's a Family Amusement Park where even little kids can ride by themselves, except for the Rock Climb which required kids to be of a certain weight. We love amusement parks so of course we had lots of fun. Birthday guests were given an all day pass/bracelet which includes all rides, plus 10 tickets for the games and the rock climb. Finn and Jojo won a fish in the watergun race (^_^)

2nd part was held in the Central Park Zoo - Zoo School at 4.30pm. They had a brief introduction for the kids on what kind of animals they'll see in the zoo, set some rules and all that. Afterwhich the kids were given hats to wear, and we all went on a tour of the zoo. It's not a big zoo ... what do you expect, it's in Manhattan. All we saw were the sea lions, seals, Japanese snow monkeys, polar bears, and penguins and puffins. At least that's what was part of the tour. After the tour we went back to the Zoo School to eat.

3rd part was going to be at Baby Kate's home near Exchange Place in Jersey City at 7.30pm. We didn't go there anymore since we didn't bring our car and we had to catch the 7.30pm bus home. So we said our goodbyes after eating.

My legs are tired from the long walk from the subway to the amusement park, to the zoo, around the zoo, then back to Port Authority. The only time we sat was to eat and that wasn't long at all. Plus this morning, Finn and I had to take the bus to TKD since the car was at the shop for re-alignment. We had to walk to the bus stop too and the whole hour I was in TKD, I was standing up. So my legs had a work-out today. BTW, Master Kim took a picture of the participants in the tournament with their trophies. It might come out in the paper (^_^) Cool!


MommyBa said...

cool photos! i'm glad you enjoyed your day at the park :)

Happy weekend!

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