Happy Birthday!

I'm now 32 years old (^_^). To celebrate, we just ate out for lunch. Jojo planned on eating in Outback but when we got there, turned out they weren't open for lunch ... go figure. So we went to Chili's instead. We both had the Cajun Ribeye (yummy) and dessert was on Chili's since Jojo told them it was my birthday. They sang and all that.

After lunch we went shopping for other pasalubongs (a souvenir or small gift for friends and family) and for us too ... I bought another swimsuit (yay!) I bought one last month and wanted another one since my old swimsuits no longer fit right *sigh* and you gotta have at least 2 right? hehehe ... At first he didn't want me to buy another one since we don't really go swimming often. But I guess he felt guilty with the way I was looking longingly at those swimsuits ... hahaha (just picture Puss' feel-sorry-for-me face from Shrek)

So now my problem is how to pack all our stuff. I can't really pack some of our clothes yet since it's almost summer here now and it's getting hot so we're still gonna be using them. I have the suitcases open in front of me now and for the time being, just threw in all the pasalubongs. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be fine once I think it through. The excitement of going home is really building since it's only over 3 weeks from now (^_^) Weeeee!!!!! Can't wait to see everyone!


MommyBa said...

happy birthday dearie! sounds like you had so much fun!!!

i have a little something for you in your mailbox :)

happy weekend and hope to see you here soon :)

bernalesfamily said...

thanks liz!

lady cess said...

happy happy birthday!

bernalesfamily said...

thanks cess (^_^)

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