Gettting Fit

We've been waiting for the Wii Fit since we first heard of it. Jojo reserved ours at a nearby store last month and they released it yesterday. As soon as I picked it up, I started playing ... or working out (^_^)
Everyday the board will measure your weight and BMI and you can set a goal for yourself every 2 weeks ... either to lose or gain BMI. I was in the normal range but I feel I'm heavy so I set a goal to lose a few pounds in a month. My goal is still in the normal range, just lower ... I don't want to be underweight. Guess what, I already lost a tiny amount since yesterday (^_^) And I mean tiny, like maybe 1/10 of a pound ... hehehe. But it is a good sign right?
It's also recommended to take the Body Test everyday. It will give you a couple of tests to perform and based on your info, it will compute your Wii Fit Age. I was a 36 yesterday and today I'm a 33 which is great since I'll be turning 33 in less than 2 weeks (^_^) I hope to maintain this or even have a younger Wii Fit Age.
The Wii Fit has a lot of exercises in Yoga, Strength Training, Aerobics and Balance. You get a set of exercises when you start, and then the more time you spend working out, you get to unlock more of the exercises. Either that or more reps for a particular exercise. I do everything available everyday. So compared to yesterday, I spent more time working out today coz I have more exercises available.
It feels good and they're pretty fun too (^_^) If you have a Wii, I suggest you get the Wii Fit. Go ... now! hehehe


lady cess said...

i first saw this in an ellen episode where she gave away wii fit and a platform (i think). ang galing nga e.

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