Congratulations Finn!!! He joined the 8th Annual NJ Atlantic Tae Kwon Do Championship that was held in West Long Branch, NJ. As with last year, he competed in Form and Breaking and won 2nd in Form and 1st in Breaking (^_^) That's the same result he had last year but this time, they gave out trophies instead of medals. So these are the trophies and medals along with the boards that he has broken. Is it obvious that I'm proud of him? hehehe ...
West Long Branch is an hour away so when they finished after 11am, we started our drive back. In celebration of his achievement, we went to Kid's Kingdom in Edgewater so he can play. This is where we attended the birthday party last Saturday and he loved the play area and has been asking when we can go back. We had lunch first at Mitsuwa, a Japanese shopping center with a supermarket and food court, then went to Kid's Kingdom. They're practically neighbors so when we left at 4pm, we decided to go back to Mitsuwa to do some shopping. I'm so happy coz I found frozen takoyaki (octopus balls) It's been more than a year since I've had that and they don't usually serve that in Japanese restaurants since it's more of a street food kind of thing. I hope the frozen kind tastes as good. Of course we bought mochi (rice cake covered ice cream) and green tea ice cream along with other snacks. Can't wait to go back there! I just love Japanese stores.


MommyBa said...

Congratulations Finn!!!!! That's really great news!

ladycess said...

hanep! cool kid. he could give japoy lizardo a run for his money. i smell a stage mother :D hehehe

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