Busy Day

I'm tired coz it was a busy day for us. We did the laundry this morning then had an early lunch before going to Finn's TKD class at 11.30. Class ended at 12.15 but Finn had to attend a special training session at 1pm in preparation for next Sunday's tournament. Luckily since we decided to stay there, Master Kim attended to him at 12.30 so we were finished an hour later.
From there we went to Edgewater for Abigail's birthday party at 2.30. She's the daughter of one of my castmates in TVM. Fun and games and food and friends! Of course Jojo and I played games too and Finn had lots of fun in the play area. We left around 6pm and went home. Then I had to pack for Jojo's trip on Monday in case we'll be out the whole day tomorrow too. After that I fixed dinner and here I am updating this blog (^_^) I think I need a massage ...


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