Happy 5th Birthday Finn!

Finn is officially 5 years old! It snowed this morning and Finn was happy about that. Anyway, I went and got the snacks for school first so I can leave it and the goodie bags with the teacher during assembly. His theme this year is Power Rangers so he was wearing his Power Rangers shirt and the goodies bags, plates and napkins were also Power Rangers. I got him a Birthday Boy ribbon so that was pinned on his shirt and then he got a Happy Birthday sticker in school too.

Have you ever heard of a 5-year old asking for Japanese food on his birthday? Well that's what he wanted, so after school we went to our favorite Japanese buffet place, Minado. He loves the udon there, along with edamame. Of course Jojo and I don't mind at all coz we all love Japanese. The servers gave him a cake for dessert and sang a birthday song too (^_^)

After that we went to the mall so Finn can pick out his birthday gift. We were supposed to go to Toys R Us but there weren't any near Minado so we opted to go the mall instead. Finn chose a Power Rangers set with a Mask, Vest, 2 badges and a small sword. Plus he wanted an axe so he got one too. He also rode the carousel there and the three of us got our picture taken in one of the photo booths (^_^)

Before going home I wanted to buy an ice cream cake so we passed by Carvel and bought a small one. I already have a candle so as soon as we got home I plopped that on top and took this picture. I didn't want to bake a cake since there's no party. That would only be too much work for me and too much cake for the 3 of us.

Another year has gone by and Finn is growing up. He knows how to read now ... I mean, really read, not just word recognition. We just started last week and by the second day he already got the hang of sliding the sounds into syllables, then words. We practice everyday for about 30 mins. Isn't that great?

*sigh* Time sure flies by so fast.


cess said...

wow naman, happy birthday finn.
power rangers fan din ang anak ko. i dont see the mask in toy stores here.. but then we havent checked for a while.. wag na lagn siguro, hehehe.

ang ganda nung 5 na candle.

xingkit said...

wow, 5 years! has it been that long? hehe siguro nga ano, entitled na ko sa housing loan eh :-)

happy birthday, finn!!

bernalesfamily said...

thanks cess and hazel (^_^)

MommyBa said...

I share your sentiments :) Bilis nila lumaki!

Belated happy birthday, Finn!

bernalesfamily said...

thanks liz!

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