First Job

This came up because the topic for my upcoming crop at The Scrapping Garden is gonna be about first jobs. So I had to dig up my old videos from TSCS (The Sharon Cuneta Show) to get pics for my layout. I was with the Adrenalin for a year and that was my very first job (^_^)

These videos were taken 15 lbs ago ... hehehe, when I was 17 yrs old. Pardon the cuts in the video coz this was originally in beta, we just transferred it to VHS so that's why the quality isn't great. Plus, it's really old.

I chose to upload the first one coz I like the song (I'm the one in front of the video wall) and the second coz you can really see me (^_^) Enjoy!


cess said...

nung nabalitaan kong nasa adrenalin ka, i remember watching sharon's show just so i could see you :D

bernalesfamily said...

hehe ... tumaas siguro rating nila kasi may naghahanap sa akin =P

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