We attended our first birthday party for the year yesterday (^_^) Gavin turned one on December 20 and we had a small gathering then but yesterday was his big party! There was a magic show and Finn was able to assist in 2 tricks (^_^) It was fun!

There are 2 more birthday invites for January but not sure if we can make it to both. One is this coming Saturday but it's at 11am and Finn has a TKD class. The next is on the 27th and it's a bit far so we're not sure.

Next year there's gonna be an additional birthday in January. My friend Liza gave birth on January 3 to a healthy baby girl (^_^) Too bad she's in Texas and can't visit her yet ... but we will, hopefully this year. Oh, it's also Liza's birthday on the 14th, and my mom on the 15th.

Talking about birthdays, Finn is already counting down to his 5th birthday! We're not gonna have a party, instead I'll be bringing snacks and goodie bags to school. Then maybe we'll go out in the afternoon, with or without Jojo. Not sure if he can work from home that day. We might go to Jeepers again like last year. And we have to buy him a gift too. Would you believe that he wants a cellphone?! And, he wants a blue razr (0_o) Geez ... not yet. When he's older, we might think about giving him a firefly or one of those kid friendly cellphones. Can't believe he's growing up so fast!


HanAgiRL said...

wow, he's turning 5 na!

xingkit said...

wow, may baby na si liza... nainggit naman ako... :-)

cess said...

hahaha! a 5 yo and he's into gadgets already. mag ready ka na when he reaches high school :D

bernalesfamily said...

hehe ... manang-mana sa mga magulang =P

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