Been so long ...

First off I'd like to greet everyone Happy Holidays! Sorry it's been so long. Anyway, I'm gonna tell you now what's been going on with us.

Today is the last day of school for this year so Finn has a week off. School starts on the 2nd. And because it's the holiday season, yesterday they had a holiday presentation at school. Every grade performed. Fortunately, Pre-K was the first ... actually, the 2nd since they started the program with 5 kids playing instruments. And then it was the pre-k's turn. They sung (more like recited) 2 songs which I'm pretty sure none of us know about. The first was Chubby the Snowman and it was a hand gestures kind of thing. The second was something about bells and it was an action type where they stomped their feet, turned around, jumped, that sort of thing. They did pretty well and they were all so cute!

That afternoon, Finn also got his red belt and trophy in TKD. He took the belt promotion test on Tuesday. That's Grand Master DJ Kim with him. Can you believe he's already a red belter? Master Kim also told us that he'll be sending Finn to 3 tournaments next year (^_^) If you remember, Finn had his first taste of competition this year in May and won a Gold and Silver medal. I think next year he'll be sending Finn to NY, NJ and somewhere else. I'm so excited! Even if I know it's gonna be a bit expensive. Anyone care to sponsor Finn?

Jojo has been on vacation since the 11th so we've had time to go to places in the afternoon. One Wednesday we watched Happy Feet and since it was during the week, we were the only ones in the theater! Which was a good thing since Finn was dancing through most of the movie (^_^) Another day we went to have lunch at Minado, the Japanese buffet that we love so much. We've also had time to watch lots and lots of anime (^-^) We've finished Naruto ... well, the ones that have been released so far so that's up to episode 213. Jojo is currently downloading 214-215. And we started downloading Bleach and have finished up to episode 100. We have Death Note too but so far we only have up to episode 12.

The 16th and 17th was our Church's Year-End Thanksgiving. The CWS (Children's Worship Service) was held Saturday morning and Finn got 2 awards, one for Most Active and another for Perfect Attendance (^_^) It's nice to know that he participates even if I know he doesn't fully understand the lessons yet. He even gets disappointed when he doesn't get called on to answer ... hehehe.

Tomorrow we'll be going to CT to a friend's house for a small gathering. Then on Sunday we'll be going to my Aunt's house. She's gonna host a lunch on Monday but we won't be able to make it then so we're going on Sunday instead. Monday we're driving down to VA with another family to stay with a friend until the 28th.

We've been a little busy, maybe that's why I haven't gotten around to updating this until now. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a blessed New Year too!


cess said...

wow, finn ready for tournament na! you must be so proud!

merry merry christmas to you andyour family! post a pic of the food you cooked ha?

HanAgiRL said...

Happy Holidays Bambi!

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