Key West

This weekend I was in Key West, Florida to attend a friend's wedding. I had a super time! First of all, I was alone since Finn has school and Jojo had to stay behind to take care of Finn. Second, it was great to be in warm weather. Third, I didn't have to worry about chores (^_^)

I left early morning on Friday going to Miami, then Key West. Good thing I was able to eat lunch at the Miami airport coz I arrived at the hotel past 1 and Tita Vicky (bride's mom) and Moms and Pops (groom's parents) went out for lunch already, and the couple (Melissa and Peter) were doing errands. After I unpacked, I walked to a drugstore to buy some stuff. It was hot! Unfortunately, my summer clothes are all in storage already so I was stuck with jeans. Anyway, I walked back to the hotel where it was cool and read the book I brought with me. About past 2 they were all back and we just hung out and talked. It started raining too so we just stayed indoors. It stopped raining before dinner so we went out to eat at the Conch Republic Seafood Company. Food was sooooo good especially the Conch!

The next day after breakfast, we went out to buy Moms some slip-ons to wear to the wedding ceremony. After that we had to split up coz the girls had to have their nails done, and Michael (Melissa's brother) wanted to go to the Hemmingway House. Moms and Pops and I decided to have some lunch at Sloppy Joe's (great Sloppy Joe pizza). After lunch we took the Conch Tour Train which went around the island. It was a very informative tour. After 90 mins, we started to walk back to the hotel to get ready for that night's welcome dinner. The dinner was held at Bagatelle and food was again, sooooo mouthwatering! After dinner, Catherine (their niece) and I got our henna tattoos (^_^) Then a few of us walked around some more.

Sunday was the wedding day but we had the whole morning free so after breakfast, Tita Vicky, Jane (her friend) and I walked to the Butterfly Conservatory. It was so beautiful inside with all the butterflies. Tita Vicky had to leave early coz she had to have her hair done. So Jane and I stayed a bit more in the conservatory. After that, we walked to the Southernmost Point of the continental US (it's still up for debate though) which was not far from the conservatory. We had our pictures taken and then walked to look for Mile 0 of US1. After all that walking, we had lunch at Wendy's coz that's closest to the hotel and we had to get ready soon for the wedding.

There was a trolley hired to pick up guests from 2 points going to the venue which was Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. I was designated as the videographer and at the same time I tried to take pictures from my camera. If you look at the album, you might see some off-centered photos ... that's coz I was holding a videocam and a camera at the same time. Anyway, the ceremony was nice and short. We took the same trolley going to the reception held at the Audobon House. After all the partying, we went back to the hotel and some of us (mostly Peter's friends) decided to go out again (^_^) We went to Sloppy Joe's for some drinks and more talking.

Monday morning was departure day for almost everybody. 3 of us went to the airport together coz our flights were just 5 mins apart. This time I was passing through Fort Lauderdale, then to Newark. My connecting flight from Fort Lauderdale was delayed for 1 hr and 30 mins but only 30 mins delayed in arriving at Newark which wasn't bad. I slept through most of the flight coz I've been up late the couple of nights before.

Home at last and after dinner, I started uploading the pictures into my laptop. Then off to bed I went. Now I'm trying to catch up with "work". *sigh* I miss the nice warm weather already and the very laid back atmosphere in Key West. Can't wait to go back there.


cess said...

the bride looks like a cross between ryza cenon and bunny paras.

you look pretty in that butterfly pic.

bernalesfamily said...

syempre d ko kilala kung sino si ryza. si bunny i met her when i was still in TSCS. Melissa is filipino-italian (^_^)

me? pretty? more like puyat =P

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