Below Freezing!

Temperatures suddenly dropped today from a high of 50F (10C) yesterday to a high of 30F (-1C) today! Just now I was watching the weather channel and it says at the bottom right that temp is 19F (-7.2C). I thought I was still sleepy and didn't read it right, maybe it was 49F. Alas, it really is 19F (-_-) Not only that but it's gonna be windy today with gusts of up to 40mph (64.37km) which means it's gonna feel even colder that it really is. Wind chill will probably feel like it's 10 below the current temperature (9F= -12C, 20F= -6C) *sigh* Take me back to Key West!!!!!


cess said...

never ko pa na-experience ang snow, so in my case, i would say "take me to where bambi lives!!!"

bernalesfamily said...

sorry pero hindi pa bumabagsak ang snow sa amin ngayon, yan lang temperature namin (^_^)

HanAgiRL said...

oh no! stay warm! :D

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