Pinoy Food

We're not deprived of pinoy food coz that's mostly what I cook but of course there are specialties that you don't normally prepare for yourself like crispy pata and sisig (our fave). Today, Jojo decided he wanted to try making sisig. Fortunately, we found a recipe in one of our cookbooks. So off we went to the asian market to buy the ingredients (pig's ears and butt and liver). He's currently cooking it so I'll just post pics later on when they're done. We even borrowed a friend's sizzling plate to make it seem authentic (^_^) I also bought taho which I've missed a lot. It was soooo good. I ate 3 bowlfulls ... can you say katakawan? hehehe. What a yummy snack. Come back later to see a picture of our sisig ... I hope it's successful (^_^)

All I can say is ..... YUMMMMMM!!!!! The sisig was a success (^_^) But I don't think we'll be doing that often ... too much work. Maybe Jojo can prepare that for parties and other special occassions but otherwise, I think we'll just buy it when we're craving for it (^-^) Doesn't it look authentic? I think your mouth is watering right now ... you want some don't you (~_^)


cess said...

wow, good job!! meron ba kayong calamansi?

MommyBa said...

Ay nakakaloka!!! Yummy yummy!!! Bigla kong namiss ang Gerry's! LOL!

Masarap talaga ang taho!!!! Too bad wala pa kong nakikitang taho dito kahit sa Chinese store :(

Since malapit na lunch time...bigla naman akong nagutom! LOL!


bernalesfamily said...

cess, yes merong calamansi dito pero at that time, wala kaming stock so we just used lemon juice.

liz, siguro gawa ka nalang ng taho, bili ka ng silky tofu tapos magcaramelize ka ng sugar (^_^)

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