First Haircut

Finn had his first salon haircut today (^_^) I've never taken him to the salon coz it's expensive so I always cut his hair. I've asked him before if he wanted me to cut his hair short but he didn't want to, he wanted bangs so he can comb it in front. Today we asked if he wanted to try out the salon coz we had coupons so it was only $8.95 for a kid's haircut (regular price was $10.95). Besides, school's gonna start on Wednesday so I thought it would be a nice treat before school. He agreed and when we got there, we looked at pictures and he picked one that he liked. He's a good boy when it comes to cutting his hair, he doesn't move around like other kids so all went well. After the cut he said he looked nice. He said he looked very handsome (^_^) Now he wants me to cut his hair short like this everytime. He looks different doesn't he?


MommyBa said...

He's so handsome! :)

Nice haircut!

bernalesfamily said...

thanks (^_^) although i think i prefer the longer hair on him ... might grow it out instead of cutting it short like this, hehehe, we'll see.

xingkit said...

yeah he does! :-)

parang di na sya masyado kamukhha ni jojo with the haircut.

bernalesfamily said...

hehe, nag-iba talaga ang mukha niya. i'm still not used to it (^_^)

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