Another Snow Storm

07 This morning as I was going back home from dropping Finn off at school, the car spun. It was snowing already, and I didn't turn on the 4WD. I wasn't going fast coz it's downhill, and it's slippery, but the break didn't catch so I spun. Good thing there wasn’t any oncoming car and the car behind me was a ways off so I didn’t hit anything … except the snow drift where I stopped. I pulled in the driveway in front of me and waited for the other cars – which were also slipping and sliding and shaking their butts – to pass before I backed out and every so slowly went on my way. The other cars going uphill gave up and turned around. No accidents thank goodness. Later I’ll just be walking to school (a good 7 blocks away) since I don't know when the roads will be plowed. There was also a call from the borough saying to use off-street parking so the plows can do their jobs and clear a wider path on the road. If I bring the car later, I’ll have to park on the street and I don’t want to get hit by a plow. So walk I shall, in the storm.


manilagirl said...

OH MY! So glad to know no one was hurt!

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