I have been waiting and waiting for Finn's baby teeth to fall out coz my 1st one fell out when I was 7. His teeth aren't even wiggling yet ... except for one bottom one that's kinda wiggling. Then this afternoon he said that he can feel it moving so I was gonna check it and lo and behold ... I find this big tooth coming out inside! I'm happy that it's finally showing but kinda worried too coz his baby teeth doesn't seem to want to go yet. And not sure about the placement of the permanent one either. So I made an appointment with our dentist for Wednesday. Good thing it's only a 4-hr session in school that day since it's their first day. Oh boy, Finn is in 2nd grade already! But that's for a different post. Let's hope Finn's teeth will cooperate and won't cause any problems. Cross your fingers!


Aggie said...

Oh he's growing up fast! :)

Bambi said...

feeling ko nga late bloomer e =P but yes, bilis ng panahon!

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