Hershey Park

Woke up very early on Saturday to prepare for our drive to Hershey PA. Last time we were here, Finn was 2 I think so he didn't really appreciate it then. This time he was excited.

Hershey Park doesn't open until 10 and we were there before 9am. Good thing Chocolate World opens at 9 so we went there first and took the Great American Chocolate Tour where they show how they make their chocolates (^_^) After the tour and the gift shop, we walked to Hershey Park. Finn rode on a real rollercoaster for the 1st time! The kiddie coasters are boring for him so he was really glad he can ride a real one now. We rode on the Comet first. It's rated as a 4 which is a high thrill ride and I guess it shocked him. He got scared after the first drop but he was still smiling ... clinging tightly on to me but he didn't panic. After the ride he said he thinks he doesn't want to ride rollercoasters anymore or he might puke =P. So we walked around first and found another rollercoaster that's only rated 3, moderate thrill ride. We said he should try riding again coz it's usually just the first time that gets you. So he did and he loved the Trailblazer! We rode it again right after we got off (^_^) He said he'd like to try the one with the loop next time since that one is rated 5.

After a snack, Finn wanted to go to the Boardwalk already. So we rented a locker, got changed, and headed for the Shore first. Since my camera isn't waterproof, no photos the whole time we were getting wet (-_-) We wanted to go on the lazy river after but the line was long so we skipped that and headed for the Roller Soaker. This ride is cool! The line was long here too but you can't ride this anywhere else so we waited. Below the coaster there's a lot of "water guns" that others can shoot the coaster with. The riders also have their own water they can dump to people below (^_^) Fun!!! There are 4 seats arranged 2x2, back to back. Finn wanted to ride alone so he faced the back, Jojo and I faced the front (which gets wet more since you get hit with water first).

We had a late lunch and then headed for the East Coast Waterworks which is a huge water park in itself. Had lots of fun here too and this is where we stayed the longest. After all that, we decided it was time to dry off, get changed and see other parts of the park.

We went to the Kissing Tower and saw the park from above, then to the SkyView. Finn wanted to create his own slushie flavor by mixing cherry, blue raspberry, green apple, pepsi, strawberry, and orange .... o-kay. Had dinner at this Texas BBQ stand after that. It was getting late by this time so we headed for the gift shop but not before buying a smore (very messy and sticky but oh so good!). It started drizzling too but we were leaving already since our drive takes about 3 hrs.

Next time we plan on staying overnight so that we can ride all we want one day and stay in the boardwalk the next. But that's for next year (^_^)


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