Corelle is the original manufacturer of Corelle® break and chip-resistant dinnerware ... or so they say. I have 16-pc set which I bought last December. I've been wanting them coz they're light and of course, break and chip-resistant. They even have this ad to prove it.

So how come when my bread and butter plate fell, this happened?

Mind you, I didn't throw it over my head like that model did in the ad, it just slipped and fell and yet it broke. This is the first time it fell, I don't go around dropping dinnerware all the time. That is the largest piece, the rest broke into tiny pieces. My set is still within the 1-year warranty and I called to ask how I can have it replaced. They asked how it broke and I told them. According to them, accidental breakage is not covered in the warranty, only chips or breaks from normal use. What? How else is it going to break if not from an accident? And they claim to be break and chip resistant! Yeah right!


Aggie said...

Ay. nakakainis naman yan.

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