NY weekend

A college friend of mine, Issa, stayed with us for the weekend. She arrived noon of Saturday and since she's only here for a few days, we had to maximize her stay. After I picked her up from the airport, we took the bus to NY. Had lunch at Port Authority and took the subway going to Coney Island. She said she didn't really want touristy stuff so taking her to the beach in NY counts right? This is also my first time at Coney Island so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Needless to say, we were overdressed. When we got there, we strolled on the boardwalk, played fashion police on the beachgoers, had ice cream and sat on the sand. We walked to the fair which Issa commented was "stuck in the 80s" and got duped by this side show. Trust me, don't waste your money on side shows (-_-). So anyway, we just walked around and when we were on our way back to the station, there were these breakers. They were dancing on bare asphalt! I can only imagine how painful it must be. So after watching them, we went back to Manhattan, went to Toys R Us, M&Ms World and then had a light dinner at Jamba Juice. Took the 9.30 bus home.

The next day we went back to Manhattan, had lunch at Chipotle and walked to the Brooks Atkinson Theater to see Rock of Ages. It was awesome!!! Like watching a concert, only better (^_^) Too bad it wasn't Constantine but Jeremy Jordan was great too! Had so much fun watching it. We even had a free drink. After the show we went to Central Park, strolled along while singing "That's how you know" .... not! As we got to the east side, it started drizzling. We didn't have any umbrellas with us so we just thought of going to the Met to avoid the rain. It got stronger and thankfully, we reached the doors of the museum ... which was already closed since it was 6pm already. There were a few others taking shelter from the rain there as well. There were a few guards inside the museum and I was mouthing to one guard to open the door for us since the rain really starting pouring hard. He said he can't do anything about it coz the doors are already locked. I even made puppy dog eyes at him but he did the same to me (-_-). By now we were getting packed in the tiny alcove in front of the doors. Good thing Issa and I were at the doors and therefore somehow shielded from the rain by the others in front of us. But we still got wet since the rain would once in a while spray us with these weird gusts of wind and water. The freak storm lasted for more than 10 mins. When it finally let up, we saw a rainbow and there were blue skies once again. We walked back to the subway station and got off at Times Square. Had our dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and took the 9.30 bus home again.

Monday is Issa's last full day and we spent it at Jersey Gardens to shop of course! We finished off her list of to-buys and went home before 5pm. Jojo made reservations for dinner at Matsushima but before we were seated, we stopped by Mitsuwa first to do some Jap grocery shopping. Dinner was great! We also had a great view of the city. A very nice ending to a hectic 3 days.

Early the next morning, I took her back to the airport. I hope next time she'll be able to come back on a much more leisurely visit (^_^) Thanks for coming Issa!


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