Miss Me?

I was offline for a few days coz my laptop got infected and Jojo had to fix it. As a result, my C got wiped out and he had to reinstall everything. Fortunately all my important stuff are in external HDs and I'm only missing my fonts and the faves in IE. I have a lot of bookmarked sites and now they're gone (-_-) On the bright side, it's running faster now that all my junk is gone ... hehehe. Lesson learned - no more downloading PC games. I think that's what got me. Oh well.

So what's been happening? We went to NY last Sunday to attend something, then went to IKEA afterwards. Got ourselves a TV bench and a floor lamp. We have to go back in 2 weeks for the TV panel that goes with the bench. They were out of stock of the color we wanted so we reserved one and will pick it up next time.

Today I'm waiting for what's going on the TV bench ... our new TV!!! Delivery is between 3-7pm. Weee (^-^) Our old TV is in the basement and that's what we use for gaming. Plus we wanted a flat panel so Jojo looked for a good deal online and bought it just this week. Our living room is finally looking more and more like a living room!

I wanted to share this with you too ... Finn played on our electronic Sudoku handheld last night and was able to finish a grid in under 4 minutes (*_*) He has his own Kid's Sudoku Book but he hasn't played that in a long time. This is his first "real" grid and I'm so proud of him! That's all (^-^)

UPDATE: Our TV finally arrived at 8.15. The photo doesn't do the picture quality justice tho. It's so amazingly clear! And we decided not to get the back panel anymore since it looks ok as it is. We haven't paid for it yet so it's all good.


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