Birthday Weekend

Finn is 7 years old! And for us, that calls for a big celebration. We held it at his TKD school and most of his classmates came (^_^) I prepared the Mario Hat cake, Mushroom muffins and Goomba brownies (which were all a big hit with both kids and parents), drinks, chips and we had pizzas delivered. The party was like an introductory TKD class and Finn was asked to do a demonstration for them. He did 2 forms, showed all the kicks he knows and he broke a board. I must say they were impressed coz some of the parents already inquired about the classes (^_^). That party went on for about 1.5 hrs, then we had to clean up.

That wasn't the end of the day coz at 5pm, we had another party at home for the adults - mostly from Church. So much good food! The food we ordered was good for 50 people but we didn't invite that many so even if our guests brought home food, we still have a lot of leftovers. Good for me coz then I don't have to worry about cooking for awhile (^_~) hehehe. When all the guests left, we cleaned up a bit but this was already late and we were tired that we just left the rest of the mess for the next day.

Sunday after Church, Finn wanted to use the gift cards he got along with some cash to buy toys. We first went to IKEA to buy him a coat rack, Jojo bought himself a wok, had lunch there and went to Toys R Us where he bought a lot of Ben 10 stuff. Next we went to Target coz he wanted to buy a Wii game - he chose Super Sluggers. But he had some money left and wanted to buy more so we went to Game Stop to look for cheaper games and he bought Dragonball Z Budokai 2 for Wii, and I bought for myself the game Okami (yay!!!). By this time my feet were killing me since we came from Church, I was wearing my 3-inch heeled boots and we've been walking almost the whole day! Not to mention I haven't really had time to rest since I started preparing for the party the week before. When we got home we just reheated some pansit, tried the games out, watched the last few minutes of the Super Bowl and went to sleep.

Today I was finally able to clean up the mess in the living room and dining room, washed the piled dishes in the sink, returned the chairs we rented, dropped by the bank, did 2 loads of laundry, folded 4 loads of clothes, all in about 2.5 hours. Reheated something for lunch, took a shower, and now I'm writing this blog. Soon I have to go pick-up Finn at school and then go to work later.

I'm tired, but it's worth it since Finn had a blast at his party (^_^) I really enjoy doing parties, not so much the clean-up and tiredness and aching bones after.


MommyBa said...

Great party you had for finn! the cake looked so good!!! and the food was overflowing!

your creativity's awesome! it was all worth the effort, energy and time.

A g g i e said...

Looks like a great party! Looks like you need some Mommy time at the spa to unwind. :P

Bambi said...

liz, yes it was worth it coz i know they all had a great time and i got lots of compliments on my creations (^_^)

aggie, i know right? i think i'm gonna sleep in this morning ... that'll be my reward =P haven't had a good nights rest yet.

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