8 Years

8 years of marriage ... doesn't seem that long. But if you add the 8 years before that, we've practically been a couple for nearly half of our lives! Imagine that (^_^)

A few days ago I asked him what he wanted for his gift, he said we shouldn't buy gifts anymore since we have a lot of expenses right now. So I said ok. Then this morning he gave me a card and inside was a gift card ... cheater!!! I didn't get him anything at all (-_-) It was a nice surprise of course but now I want to get him something even if it's gonna be a late gift.

Jojo took the day off from work so I did too. We had lunch at Matsushima and then went shopping at Mitsuwa. I bought my taiyaki (^_^) Been craving for it for awhile now so we bought 6. Already had 2 as I write this ... hehehe. Also bought some Maccha (powdered green tea) plus other things that we need restocked like furikake, miso, noodles, you know, all the good stuff.

Before going home, Jojo stopped by a flower shop and bought me these beautiful roses. When we got home, our new friends arrived by UPS. Right now they're in one corner outside but we're planning on moving them by the raindrum and mushroom windchimes out front so they can be seen better. Cuties! The raccoon family was bought separately from the house but they go well together so that'll be their house. The door swings open and you can open the top for a better view of the inside. I might buy miniature furniture for the inside (^-^)

Now our afternoon is free and we're just gonna watch some anime, maybe play games later. Ok, gotta go now. Till next entry!


jho said...

Congratulations! More wedding anniversaries to come!

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