Guest Room

I started painting the guestroom on October 26 but had a few interruptions due to rain and time constraints so it got done just this Tuesday. Finn requested for a spot for him to paint and since there was no school on Tuesday, I let him "finish" the room. I didn't buy new paint for this. We still had leftover paint from Finn's room so I thought of just buying a tint to add to the blue to make a new color. I like this color. It kinda looks like teal but with just a tad more green to it ... I think.
So I primed the purple walls and did that first. I thought I won't be needing primer for the yellow walls since it's light enough that it won't show through the new paint. But when I painted over it, it didn't want to hold on as well as the primed walls. Probably because the yellow paint was a little glossy. I didn't panic, I just got some newspaper and started texturizing instead, which allowed some of the yellow paint to show through. You can't see it in the photo coz it's very subtle but I'm happy with it (^_^)
Right now, our old bedroom furniture is in here and last night we brought the computer table and all my "office" stuff down here from our bedroom. I'm not done organizing my stuff but I'll do that today. So this will now be the guest room / home office. I'll take more pictures of the whole room once it's presentable (^_^).


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