There's no school today and Jojo used his floating holiday so we had the whole day to just hang out! But first we had to do the laundry ... then we ate lunch at Pizza Hut coz Finn got a Pizza Award Certificate from his teacher for reading and listening to a lot of books in March (^_^) After lunch we went to watch Meet the Robinsons in 3D. The 3D glasses were an extra $2 but Jojo and I had these special tickets so we only had to pay for Finn's glasses. It's an ok, funny movie. You'll never have a dull day if you have that kind of family! If you plan on watching this, make sure you see the 3D version. Also, before the movie started, they showed a Donald Duck short that was made in 1953 and it was done in 3D! "Working for Peanuts" had very few 3-D playdates in its original November, 1953 release - so it's been over 53 years since then. Cool huh!
After dinner we went to a nearby carnival that they set up recently. I guess it's gonna be there until Sunday. Finn rode the dragon coaster twice, once on dumbo and the fun house and 3 times on the big slide (^_^) He loved that slide! He also played once on the Lucky Ducks and won a small prize and guess what, he chose a duck. We bought 3 sticks of Pinoy pork barbecue and Finn wanted a bag of cotton candy. After that we went home. These small carnivals are pretty expensive. One ride ticket costs a dollar and one ride will cost you a minimum of 3 tickets (O_o) Food is at least $3 as well. But despite that they're very popular. There were a lot of people there tonight considering it was really chilly out. If only there was a theme park that's really close by, I'd rather buy a season ticket there than go to these small carnivals. More bang for your buck.


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Looks like you really had a fun day!!!

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