Spiciest Ever!

I read about Peaches Hothouse and how they say they have the spiciest fried chicken in town. I forwarded it to Jojo and he asked around his office if anyone lives in Brooklyn where this restaurant is. He asked his coworker to buy the extra hot fried chicken for us. His coworker picked it up last night and gave it to Jojo today so that’s what we had for dinner.

phhchix_01 Do you know about the ghost chili? It used to be the hottest pepper in the world but is now in 2nd place. That’s what they used on the chicken. It doesn’t look very intimidating here, but i guess that’s why they call it ghost chili. You can’t really smell the spiciness and it’s not lava red in color but boy does it burn! I don’t really sweat much so this didn’t make me sweat unlike Jojo. It didn’t bring me to tears either, close but didn’t happen. It did get me sniffly but what surprised me was that my face was flushed! Like how you get when you’re out in the winter cold. The good thing about this pepper is that you don’t feel it in your nose like horseradish does, and it goes away more quickly than other kinds of peppery heat. No burning aftertaste.

It is a bit pricey, for 3 pieces of chicken, 2 slices of bread and one side. But I guess since I wasn’t able to finish everything, I get 2 meals for the price of one. Not bad.


UPDATE – Dec. 18:

I just had the rest of the chicken for dinner tonight and I must say, I didn’t feel the burn this time. I guess my taste buds just got a shock the first time? Hmmm …


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