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Yes, I'm addicted to the Facebook app Farm Town but I'm gonna talk about our real "farm".

You know we've already harvested our lettuce and italian parsley a few times already and have given away some as well. Last week, we picked our first couple of strawberries (^_^) You might notice that it's still a little green on the ends but this is sort of a trial pick (yeah right, we were just excited =P). The other photos of the strawberries show the others ripening and this Monday, we picked 4 more. This time, they're juicy red! Soooo good! And there are more strawberries growing (^_^)

Jojo also picked a few cayenne peppers yesterday which he already mixed in with his dinner. The tomatoes are growing well too. Do you know how tall our tomato plants are? It's up to my shoulders! Didn't realize they could grow that tall coz our previous tomato plants weren't as tall as this.

Do you see our cauliflower? It's getting big too. And our zucchini squash has lots of flowers as well. I was telling Jojo I could put up a stand outside selling these veggies (^_^) We got excited in planting that we're growing more than we can use so we have to give them away. Next year, we know how much we need so that it's also not so crowded in the veggie patch.

On a different note, we have new pool toys! Finn has that boat with a squirt gun attached that gets its water from the pool. The boat has oar locks but no oars, so when we find small oars, we might get them so he can row the boat. I have that small aqua lounge and Jojo has a bigger aqua lounge. They're so comfortable you could fall asleep in them. There's also our floating basketball ring (^_^) It's been raining the past few days and the temps are a little on the cool side. Hopefully it'll start getting warmer again so we can enjoy our toys. And since Friday is the last day of school, Finn would want to swim more often. Wanna join us?


MommyBa said...

Oh wow!!! lovely real plants you have there. it makes me want to plant strawberries too. But I doubt if I could really bring them to life. I'm no green thumb. That's why for now, FT is my best bet :)

Keep up the good work on your real farm

Bambi said...

all thanks to Jojo. i'm no green thumb either (^_^)

Aggie said...

what a wonderful garden! :)

that's the one luxury we don't have in a condo.

I wonder if it's possible for you to grow kalamansi. That's the one thing I can't live without! haha!

Bambi said...

yes it's possible but it needs full sunlight and we don't have that in the house. coz it has to be taken inside during the winter =( we have calamsi packets instead =P

Bambi said...


Bambi said...

ano ba yan! *calamansi

jho said...

sarap ng may sariling farm ano? i remember when I was still young, meron kami niyan sa likod ng bahay. tomatoes, upo, patola, potatoes, onion to name a few. We even have chickens.

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