My weekend project started Friday morning when I frosted the bathroom window. It faces the neighbor's house and if somebody's looking out from their upstairs window, they can definitely see our bathroom. It has blinds but we want to keep it open to let the light in so I thought of frosting the bottom window.

Saturday morning was spent frosting the front door and one living room window that faces the street. In the afternoon, I started doing Finn's 2 windows that faces the street so that it looks uniform when you're looking at the front of the house.

Before, the front storm door was all glass. I didn't want to open the main door even if it will let the natural light in coz then everybody can see inside the house. But I didn't fully frost it either so that we can still see out but at least the view from the outside is partially obscured. The 3 windows were done the same way, they're not fully frosted. What do you think?

UPDATE: I added photos I took last night to show the view from the outside. Finn was already asleep so I couldn't take pics of his windows but the effect should look like the living room window.


xingkit said...

what's the view from the outside? :D

Aggie said...

i like how you did panels. :)

curious too, what's the view from the outside? :D

Bambi said...

ok, will take pics from the outside tomorrow (^_^)

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