Fair 09

Every April, for 2 weekends, there is a fair in Kearny that we go to. They don't always have the same rides but there's always the ferris wheel and the carousel.

Last night, we got there after 6pm. Finn and I rode the ferris wheel and the bumper cars. He drove even though it was hard for him to reach the steering wheel because of the harness (^_^) He rode the dragon coaster twice and he tried the gravitron by himself. He really enjoyed that one coz he likes spinning. The girls who went on that ride didn't look too happy when they came out ... hehehe. Finn also tried his luck at shooting baskets coz there was this big watergun that he wanted to get. He even used his own money to play but unfortunately, he didn't win. After walking around a bit, we bought cotton candy and a candy apple to bring home. Then we went to the diner for dinner. Jojo had an omelette, Finn and I shared a waffle. Yup, breakfast for dinner (^_^) Good way to end the day don't you think?


Aggie said...

Oh what fun!

And I like having breakfast for dinner. :D

Bambi said...

yup, breakfast anytime of the day is great (^_^)

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