Soccer Camp Ends

It's the last day of soccer camp. In the 5, 4-hour days of training, I can say that Finn has learned some. He has never played soccer so he's a total newbie at this. Dribbling he's ok at, passing - not so much. Lunge he can do sometimes and stealing ... no (hehehe). But he had fun and that's good. They were given tickets everytime they performed a move correctly, or hit the target or scored a goal. This morning, all the kids had their tickets with them and the head coach raffled out prizes by calling out the numbers on the tickets. Finn won a collectible Giants Blimp (^_^) Everyone was also given a Vikings Soccer Camp shirt and their own soccer ball! Finn is excited about that but I already told him not to play with it in the house ... don't want any broken windows here (~_^)


MommyBa said...

From the pictures, Finn enjoyed soccer camp very much :)

Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

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