Snow and Coffee

We had a snow storm that started around midnight Thursday and didn't stop until Friday afternoon so that school was closed. Finn and his dad played some this afternoon. The snow was in good condition to form snowballs since it's a little wet. I just took these pictures then went back inside coz I had to iron and pack Jojo's stuff for his trip this evening.

I'm not really a coffee drinker and Jojo wasn't either until about a year ago I think? Well, now he takes coffee in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon too on weekends. We have a 12-cup coffee maker but it's kind of a hassle to use that for just one or two cups of coffee right? So yesterday we went to Target and bought this Senseo coffee machine which brews one or two cups at a time. Instead of spooning in coffee in a coffee filter, it uses pods - small discs of ground coffee already wrapped in filter. Pretty convenient since you don't have to measure everytime. It comes in different flavors too. Right now we have medium roast, dark roast, capuccino, and french vanilla. The machine also came with one cup, 2 containers for the pods with sticker labels and one pod pack of hazelnut waltz. There are tea pods too so maybe I'll try that next time. I also want to look for hot chocolate pods, not sure if they have it. Hope I find one so I can use the machine too (^_^)


lady cess said...

ay gusto ko rin yang ganyang coffee maker. the one we have here is "heavy-duty" so bihirang-bihira magamit :)

Bambi said...

oo nga, yung 12-cup nga namin matagal nang nakatago kasi hindi nagagamit.

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