9 Years into Forever

It's our 9th Anniversary (^_^) But if you count from the time I said yes to being his gf, it's 17 years!

Jojo gave me these beautiful roses the night before. Love their color! Today he took the day off so we can go on a date. We don't really have the chance to go on dates anymore since we don't have a sitter. Shopping was on our agenda first and then we had lunch at Ichiban, our first time here but I've read good things about it. It didn't disappoint (^_^) We're definitely coming back here.

After lunch we went home first and then went to pick up Finn from school. Our friend agreed to watch Finn for the afternoon so we dropped him off at their house so Jojo and I can continue our date. We watched Sherlock Holmes and then had dinner at another Japanese restaurant closer to home. It was good too, but a little expensive for a small restaurant. We only had a light dinner since we were still full from our Hibachi lunch =P

We went to pick up Finn from our friend and stayed for a bit before leaving after 9. It was a great date day (^_^) Happy Anniversary BAJ!!! Love you!


Aggie said...

YIIIHIIIII!!! dumedeyt! :D

I wish you more wonderful years ahead! :)

145 fahrenheit said...

Happy anniversary BAJ !!! from Ite Mei, Nanay & Tatay

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