Before and After

We had our very first swim for 2009! The water was great once you get used to it. At first it was a bit cold but once you submerge your body, it was fine. I stayed for about half an hour and then just soaked up the sun (^_^)

In the slide you'll see our strawberries are starting to bear fruit (*_*) Aren't they cute? Little green strawberries. And our red rose has buds too. Our yellow rose has little buds too that you might be able to see in the comparison shot below. The pink rose has yet to sprout buds.

I wanted to show you a comparison of our veggies and flowers. You'll see in the photo the before and after shots. We've harvested our lettuce thrice, and the italian parseley once. We even gave some to our next door neighbor and our friends who came over last week coz there's a lot! And aren't our tomatoes big now? Even our cucumbers and zucchinis are doing well. Our flowers are flourishing too. So happy! Can't wait to see them all bloom.


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