Finn has been a member of the DELTA Team (aka demo team) in his TKD school for some time now but they received their uniform and weapons during the summer. I have been meaning to take pictures but I keep forgetting =P But now that I remembered to bring my camera, here are the photos I took yesterday.

They're still in training so they haven't really gone somewhere to demonstrate their skills or entered tournaments. They might do that next year.
During yesterday's class, they were also given their DELTA Team patch which I sewed on his uniform yesterday afternoon. Notice the patch on his right? It says Academic Achiever. He got that when he was able to collect 5 stars for good grades in school (^_^) Master Kim monitors each student's school grades and their behavior at home too because that's part of their training. Cool right?
Finn's next goal would be to be a part of the SWAT Team which trains them to become leaders and future instructors. I'm glad he's enjoying all this. It's not only physical exercise but mental as well.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Finn,looks like you've grown a lot,you look really tall now,lots of love from Tatay, Nanay & TiTa Mei=)

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